Welcome to Thomas Performing Arts Center!


Our primary goal is to develop and deliver the highest standard of performing arts education, which provides young people with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in future endeavors. We offer instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, Hip hop, contemporary and pointe.

We offer classes for ages 3- adult including pre-professional training.


We are located at:

107 Church st Farmington, Maine
118 High St Belfast, Maine

About The Owners


Ms. Lauryn and Ms. Jessica wanted a place to call their own. Ms. Lauryn has had years of professional experience. After graduating from Mt. Blue she moved to Rhode Island to study under an amazing teacher/former Rockette. Under her guidance she was shown the door to many auditions and many styles of dance. She accepted a job at Disney and quickly moved to Florida to live out her dream. Ms. Lauryn performed in front of Cinderella’s castle and met some amazing performers. That lead to more auditions and jobs including choreography for pageants, being a backup dancer, later going on tour.
Ms. Lauryn knew she would someday return home and pass on her knowledge to the area that had raised her. Since meeting Jessica, the two set out to run their own dance studio in Farmington. Ms. Jessica has a terrific background in business and finance. She has developed what is now the Thomas Scholarship program, and was the driving force in the creation of our Competition team. She has also successfully expanded the dream to include a dance supply store that offers shoes, clothing, tights and even pointe shoes!

Since the start of their adventures, it was a distant dream to open a second location in Jess’ hometown of Belfast, Maine. That dream became a reality once we met and hired Ms. Cassie. We are now able to fully realize our dreams and with Ms. Cassie and Ms. Lauryn at the helm teaching with Ms. Jessica managing both locations, our Belfast studio is ready to go! We are honored and excited to bring our brand of love, acceptance, family, and of course dance in our second location. We look forward to being able to continue to offer a place where everyone, no matter their shape, size, color, or orientation, can thrive and feel that they have a safe place to call home.
Our main focus being on technique and teaching the whole student, is what we believe sets us apart. We pride ourselves on quality instruction that promotes an excellence in the fundamentals. We believe that all dance styles are rooted in ballet. While keeping our music up to date and modern we find that our dancers enjoy and look forward to our rigorous ballet foundation.

Lauryn & Jessica Thomas

Class Schedule 2021-2022


Opal Ballet 345-430
Opal Jazz- 4:30-5
Opal Tap- 5-530
Opal Hip Hop 530-6

Adult Advanced tap- 6-630
Adult Ballet 630-715
Adult Jazz 715-745
Adult Hip Hop 745-815


Pearl Pre-K 345-430

Boys Only 430-5

Gold Hip Hop 5-545
Gold Ballet 545-645
Gold/ Platinum Pointe 645-715
Gold Jazz 715-8
Gold Tap 8-845


Sapphire Kinder- Ballet/ Tap Combo 345-445

Bronze Hip hop 445-530
Bronze ballet 530-630
Bronze/ Silver Pointe/ pre-pointe 630-7
Bronze Jazz 7-730
Bronze and Adult Beginner Tap- 730-8


Ruby Combo- 330-5

Platinum Hip hop- 5-545
Platinum Ballet- 545-7
Platinum / Gold Pointe 7-730
Platinum Jazz 730-815
Platinum tap 815-9


Comp Team 5-7
Silver Hip Hop 5-545
Silver Ballet 545-645
Silver/Bronze PrePointe/ Pointe 645-715
Silver Jazz 715-8
Silver Tap 8-830


Sapphire (Kinder) Ballet/ Tap Combo

Bronze Hip Hop 445-530
Bronze Ballet 530-630
Bronze Pre- Pointe 630-7
Bronze Jazz 7-745
Bronze Tap 745-830


Ruby Ballet 330-415
Ruby Jazz 415-5
Ruby Tap 5-530

Gold Hip Hop 530-615
Gold Ballet 615-715
Gold Jazz 715-8
Gold Tap 8-845


Pearl Pre-K 330-415
Opal Ballet 415-515
Opal Jazz 515-6
Opal Tap 6-630
Opal Hip Hop 630-715

Fee Schedule 2020-2021

TPAC is set up on a monthly payment plan for our 10 month dance year based on the annual fee for the class.
This fee includes tuition, and costume for the
June recital!

*Payments are due the first of every month and require
all accounts to be set up on direct debit.

*You may prepay with cash or check no less than
10 days in advance.

30 Minute Classes:


$33.00 Billed Monthly

45 Minute Classes:


$48.00 Billed Monthly

60 Minute Classes:


$63.00 Billed Monthly

75 Minute Classes:


$78.00 Billed Monthly