Tuition is annual fee that is split into 10 months to make it more affordable for families. It is due on the 1st of each month and enrollment in autopay is mandatory for all students. You may pay tuition early online or via check to avoid the automatic debit. Payments have to be made 10 days in advance of the autopay. If tuition is not paid by the 15th of each month, a $25 late fee will be added to your bill. All tuition must be paid in full prior to the purchase of recital pictures, tickets, and costumes being handed out.


You will have a $30.00 costume deposit per class due
November 15th. The remainder balance will be due January 15th.


No food or beverages are allowed in any classrooms. Water in a covered/capped water bottle or thermos is allowed and encouraged. Absolutely no gum is allowed in any classrooms and during class. Please be considerate of snacks that you bring into the studio and discard of any waste.


If you are a new member to our studio, please consult the studio regarding your student’s class placement before registering your student for classes. We understand that some students have prior dance instruction, and we will place your student in the appropriate class to exercise their maximum potential.

This is not a popularity contest. Students will be placed in the level that the teacher recommends. Class placement is not based on age or grade in school. It is based on ability. Please understand we do the best to make sure each student feels successful in class and a lot goes into class placement.


No street shoes will be allowed beyond the designated area. Sand, salt and dirt becomes embedded into the dance floors and uncomfortable for all students and staff. Dance shoes are required for class. Ballet, Jazz and tap shoes are required for those classes. Black sneakers or jazz shoes are required for Hip Hop. All dance shoes must be purchased through our in-studio store, Dancer’s Dugout. Prior to the start of the season, we will have scheduled fitting days.



If you wish to withdraw from a class, please do so in writing via email or message. We will allow for a “trial period” for the months of September and October for all students. If by 10/31 you wish to withdraw there will be no penalty. After this date, the dancer and their family are committing to the rest of the current season. This will include all tuition payments and
costume fees. Please note- if you choose to withdraw from class after the trial period, you
will still owe the tuition through June as we have saved this spot for your dancer. If you enroll after October 31st, your trial period is the month of enrollment.


There are no refunds for tuition, shoes, dance wear, tights or costumes. Tuition is not prorated. Unworn Shoes may be exchanged for the proper size. Registration fees are non-refundable.


All cancellations due to inclement weather will be posted on the studio facebook, and emailed to that class. All classes are allowed TWO snow days. Any additional snow days will incur a make-up class, scheduled for Spring. Students will be advised by the Instructor as to what classes they may attend to make-up any classes lost to snow days.


Parents, Guardians, and Friends may watch classes on our two scheduled class viewings a year. (Provided that the Covid-19 epidemic has subsided.)


Communication is the key! We update our Facebook page regularly, as well as email out any notices, information and updates to all families with an email address on file. Please fill out all contact information and updated through your parent portal as needed.

11. Picture Day:

Class Pictures, with each class in their recital costume, will be taken in May. Specific class times will be announced. Each student is required to participate in the Class Picture; however, students are not required to purchase any picture packages. We understand students may also have scheduling conflicts, please let us know if you will not be able to attend Pictures due to a scheduling conflict.


Our recitals are mandatory for all students. Students must come to all shows and rehearsals. Times and dates will be announced as early as possible. If there are special events that cannot be rescheduled and a dancer must miss one of the above activities, it is up to the family to notify us as soon as possible.